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Simon and his team did a whole refurbishment of our kitchen. They did an amazing job and we were so glad we chose Simon to be in charge of it, as it took the stress away from having to organise all the necessary trades. They did a fantastic job and we could not have been more pleased with the result. - M. Overton

My wife and I returned from living in the USA in 2020. Having rented in the local area for a while, we eventually settled on the purchase of a home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. The home, whilst in a great position and offering all the space we needed, was a somewhat gawdy looking 1970’s style A-Frame but after much discussion and a good deal of nervousness, we decided to purchase the house anyway with a view to having it renovated, even though we had absolutely no idea how we would actually go about it. We stumbled across Simon Belcher’s advertisement outside another property that he had worked on. The property looked great and the list of services appeared to be what we were looking for. That said, we did not know Simon prior to seeing the advertisement, so we weren’t hugely optimistic, but we made an enquiry anyway. Simon got straight back to us, and we soon found ourselves walking the house with him, explaining our ideas and thoughts. Right from the get-go, Simon’s attention and enthusiasm put us at ease. Simon is great with people, which we came to learn was the result of a real passion for what he does – I have never met anyone who can get quite so animated and excited about window and door frames! To cut a long story short we used Simon to completely overhaul the entire house and the transformation is beyond our expectations. . Throughout the entire process, Simon remained calm, helpful, available, interested, and supportive from start to finish. It’s rare to the point of unique I would say to find a professional in this industry with the attention to detail, quality and customer management that Simon has. His workers were friendly and polite and we became very close and fond of the entire team over the course of the project. I can’t speak highly enough of Simon and his work, and I would recommend him to anyone. We could not be happier. M. Kerrison

What a pleasure it has been working with Simon on our conference room project. From the very beginning Simon took my vision on board & he has portrayed it brilliantly providing us with a modern, stunning, user friendly space. The whole team are professional, friendly & trustworthy, nothing has been too much trouble & minimal snagging has been dealt with efficiently. Simon has made the whole experience stress free & I would highly recommend his services - Katy, Operations Director

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