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Modern, hi-spec office conversion project for a client, designed and built by Home By Simon Belcher

Office Refurbishment

Overview of the project:

Converting two small meeting rooms into a multifunctional space for client presentations, internal training, and international online presentations.​



Create a warm, inviting, and functional space suitable for long meetings and brainstorming, equipped with the necessary technology.

Technical Installations and Infrastructure:


Diamond-cutting concrete floors to install 40 network routes with special order flush floor boxes.

Building new false walls to incorporate large 64-inch touch interactive screens on 90-degree pullout brackets set back in walnut-stained alcoves.

Installation of a network switching cabinet and additional networking routes for screens, interactive, and facial recognition cameras.

Large, interactive screens with integrated video conferencing in converted office
Window blinds allow light in whilst ensuring privacy in this office refurbishment project

Lighting, Heating, and Windows:


Installation of slim bezel spotlights with warm white bulbs, zoned in four areas for focused lighting.

Adding industrial-style column radiators to complement the black factory-style metal windows, covered with off-white privacy blinds.



Installing dark oak hardwearing flooring with detailed skirting boards.


Sourcing and supplying comfortable, functional furniture on wheels and fold-up tables for a flexible and quickly adaptable space.


Floating cupboards serve as storage for visitors and refreshments.

Wall mounted floating cupboards add storage, space and style to this modern office refurbishment
Stylish office furniture on wheels, plus fold-up tables create a multi-functional office space

Final Touches and Acknowledgements:


The decoration is slightly off-white to maintain a light, airy atmosphere.


Light refurbishment of the bathroom, hallway, and landing to unify the space.


Special thanks to the team, with a specific mention of Katy for inviting HomeBySimonBelcher to complete this project.

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